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Family style. Blood. There is an unspoken something that runs deep between a family. Some understanding of each other that we sometimes can't understand. There are moments when we swing from its tree trying to free ourselves from the branches, but we are forever woven into its seeds, roots and bark. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube. I, for one, am very fortunate to sprout from a family tree that is blooming with love, creativity and understanding. They have encouraged and inspired me from the get go and I will be forever grateful. On that note, I am collaborating with my family on my new album. 9 records later, we have finally gotten in the studio as a family unit and played some music together. My father composed the arrangements, played cello, and my mother and sister played violins. I can't tell you how excited I am about this. A full family string section in full effect. I can't wait for you to put your ears on it!

Seth - 07-2016

Take me where you will. You just never know where the wind will blow you in the music business. From Austin, to New Orleans, to Ocean Springs, to Mobile, to Philly, to Rapperswil, Switzerland, to Havana, Cuba and all points between?? Yep. Buckle up they told me. Lots going on these days at SWHQ. These aforementioned adventures, along with a BRAND NEW album & release tour coming in September are all on deck. I am thanking my lucky stars to be along for this ride with you. Check these dates below as we may be jumping right into your backyard my friends.

Seth - 01-2016

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“Walker’s brilliantly nuanced vocals are as natural, clear, sharp, and as effortlessly elegant as his guitar playing in these songs, and it all fits together into a warm, unadorned little album that reveals itself more and more with each listen.”

“It’s a welcome thing that Seth Walker’s chosen to pitch his tent in Americana. On his latest — Time Can Change — Walker has a way with smooth and swinging phrasing and makes classically accessible up-front pleas.”

“…Walker clearly illustrates his diverse musical talent and experience by building on what makes a great blues song.” – “Hear and Now”

“This young man is pure talent, a masterful blues guitarist, a singer with some swing in his voice and a writer whose (songs) sound less composed than unleashed.”

“Spirits Moving”

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“Sky Still Blue” (Documentary Short)

  • Thank you Florida for all of itbig time at 30ahellip
  • Big night with marcbroussard at funkybiscuit last night He andhellip
  • Land ho! The crew We wanna thank the sandybeachescruise familyhellip
  • Google maps are for the feeble We hit at Aceshellip
  • Big ass van  big ass boat Florida bound tohellip
  • Family time in NC Merry merry all the way aroundhellip
  • New SPIRITS MOVING tees available now in the store! 25hellip
  • Amp farm amp farm just sounds nastyamp farm amp farmhellip


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